Solar panels

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy from the sun in the shape of warmth and light. Home Energy offers several product through which you can convert solar energy into electricity. 
Electricity from solar panels and Solar Heat tubes is environmentally friendly, renewable energy that doesn’t emit any harmful substances. A regular solar installation for a single house can diminish the CO2 emissions by two tons per year, which constitutes more than forty tons for the installations full lifecycle. 

Solar panels

Product description
A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, namely direct current. Before this electricity can be used, it needs to be converted to alternating current. This is done by the inverter, which is supplied with the solar panels. The alternating current can be used for the electronic devices. 

To determine the amount of solar panels you want, you have to look at two aspects:
- your energy consumption 
- The size of your roof

To determine the amount of solar panels you need, you divide the amount of kiloWatthours by 0,85. For example: if you use up 3.400 kWh per year on electricity, you need an installation with a capacity of about 4.000 Wattpeak (Wp). Our solar panels have a capacity of 260 Wp. This means you would require an installation of 15 panels. 

The price of a solar panel installation is calculated based on your personal living arrangements. For a quotation tailored to your personal circumstances, you can contact us here. 
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